Mariah in some smoking hot bikini pictures

June 6th, 2008

Mariah Carey is shown here with a friend onboard a yacht and having a good time sipping wine while sunbathing. Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous. Notice that she’s very sexy in her skimpy bikini and even though she’s not that young anymore, she’s fit for her age and she still boasts of a curvy figure and voluptuous physique. And the photo of her wearing a sexy white bikini is simply stunning. That skimpy outfit barely covers her body and yet she appears sexy but not sleazy. What a nice photograph to show off her gorgeous body.

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Mariah Carey in a topless beach photo shoot?

June 6th, 2008

Are the pictures below taken by paparazzi or are they some kind of gimmick to help put Mariah Carey back in the spotlight with her comeback album? I honestly don’t know or care. What’s important is that the pictures are smoking hot and you can see that Mariah has managed to shed her pounds beautifully and is back to her old, curvy self. These shots do justice to her hard work in maintaining her sexy body and if the pictorial is just a gimmick then who gives a damn? Mariah is definitely back! I wish she would do more pictorials like this…

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A collection of Mariah Carey upskirt and downblouse photos

June 6th, 2008

Mariah loves performing in sexy and skimpy clothes so she can’t help but have some photographers try and get a picture of her breasts, crotch, butt and other parts of her body. She loves skimpy tops and short skirts and so most photographers try to get a peek at her underwear or at her breasts. Some are quite skilled and manage to get some good upskirt and downblouse pics. One shows her pink nipples as she hams it up for the camera. Another picture shows her sexy underwear as she performs on stage wearing an ultra-short skirt. And yet another one shows her lacy underwear as she applauds a performance. In fact, as mentioned in Crazy 4 Mariah Carey blog, she has a collection of raunchy lingerie and she loves wearing them. She said that she liked all things feminine and nothing is more feminine than a set of sexy underwear.

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Mariah Carey’s hottest videos

June 6th, 2008

In this post we feature some of the hottest music videos that Mariah Carey has ever made. These music videos helped her rise to fame as most featured her in sexy attire and made use of her undeniably gorgeous physical traits. As a youngster in the business, she was a fresh face among the older pop superstars during that era and she brought a certain sexy something to the genre that got male fans listening to her. She made a great career decision to be sexy while she performs and thus cemented her status as one of the sexiest celebrities in the world during her time. In effect, she added the male population to her large number of female fans and thus became one of the most successful pop superstars of all time. Check the videos we have here and just click on the screen caps to download the full video. If you want more Mariah Carey, then simply click Mariah Carey Nude for more!